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New Year's Resolutions


Written by Joe | 3rd Jan, 2017

This year I am going to set myself a few challenges and I'll keep track of my progress here. My New Years resolutions are:

  • Develop an app and publish it in the App Store
  • Earn more than £100 directly or indirectly through the App Store

So to further define what those mean; 'develop an app' is more about designing and coding an app from the ground up. It must include some mechanics that are more than basic. I am thinking of making a small game. It's the most obvious way to fulfil my goal and I think it would be quite fun. The second goal is a bit more clear. Although when I say 'through the app store' I'm still allowed to make money from adverts that are shown in the app. £100 was chosen because it'll cover my costs of making and publishing these apps, so it's not £100 profit.

On the whole I'm looking forward to 2017. Let's hope it's an improvement on 2016. Let's accomplish things we didn't manage last year and be more politically aware and active since the importance of politics were emphasised last year. Let's not get caught up in meme bandwagons or fake news or gossip but instead value real news and scientific breakthroughs. But all that is for another rant cough I mean blog post.

It's on the internet now so I'll have to do it. I'll post updates to apps and my projects on here so stick around. Follow me on Twitter for more updates: @Joe_Gibby


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